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Eric Daxon married Nancy in December of 2000.  They have a five year old daughter and a one year old son.  After living in many places including HarfordCounty, Eric Daxon settled down in Bel Air.   Besides its natural beauty and family friendly environment, Harford County offers affordable homes, low property taxes, safe neighborhoods and good schools.



Eric Daxon has always felt strongly about the need for lawsuit abuse reform and protection of property rights. In 2009, Eric Daxon supported and assisted the Prigel Family Farm to raise money for their legal defense. The Prigel Farm was fighting an endless battle with a few wealthy neighbors for the right to build their creamery.   Prigel Farm Fest raised $35,000.00 and 1200 people supported and attended the community cookout.  As a county councilman, Eric Daxon will work hard to protect your property and push for legal system reform in Harford County. 


Over the past 8 years, we have watched Annapolis increase taxes on us 40 consecutive times.   The most recent, the rain tax is the most concerning.  This tax not only taxes resident’s property, it also taxes churches, non-profits and businesses for land and buildings they own.  A federal judge ruled that states did not have to implement the rain tax.  When are our politicians going to say no to a tax increase?  Eric Daxon will say NO to all tax increases.  Eric Daxon is going to ask for the rain tax’s full repeal in HarfordCounty.  


Eric Daxon will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the Harford County Council.  He is going to propose term limits for all elected officials in Harford County.  The military calls it “up or out”. Our politicians should live by the same standard our soldiers do.  Eric Daxon will not raise taxes.  Eric Daxon will tell you where he stands on an issue before the council and vote that way. Eric Daxon is here to listen and identify the needs of District C.  Eric Daxon is out and about doing his research to help the residents of HarfordCounty and District C.  Please contact Eric Daxon at 443-531-3181 with any issues you feel need attention and a resolution.  You will see Eric Daxon out and about, not just near Election Day.  
















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